Miyerkules, Oktubre 9, 2013


I like games that lay their cards on the table right up front, you know? This is one of those games. Still, there are people who will be like, but what’s the object? How many bosses must I face? Uh, don’t over-think it. Just do not fall. Do Not Fall is an action-puzzler for the PlayStation 3. It’s also f*caking weird. The concept is you’re this creepy looking rabbit. And I don’t know. Maybe your cousin, the Easter Bunny, got all the attention when you were kids, or something? And now, you’re out to prove you’re just as much a bunny as he is.

So, you know, you work inside this vending machine and make drinks for people. This is actually a documentary. Shot in Technicolor. So there are more than 70 levels, and as levels are oft to do, they get weird. But the basic premise is this. There are platforms hovering in the sky. They have doors on them. It’s your job to get to the doors and open them. Along the way, you have to find the keys, too. Sounds simple enough. Oh, but most of the blocks fall apart, when you step on them. And there’s spiked balls of death. You know no biggie. The game splits its levels into individual worlds, each of which has its own theme. The themes aren’t terribly original aesthetically, but they do manage to keep the gameplayfresh.

Each world introduces clever new ideas and enemies, to keep the concept from getting stale. And as a result, it never does. This game is fun from start to finish. Part of the reason for that is how well it plays. Your controls are pretty much limited to movement with the analog stick and jumping. You can also do a little dash that breakthrough certain objects, and if you dash after jumping, it’s like a long jump. Otherwise, that’s it. That’s all you have to overcome these puzzles. And that’s what’s so great about Do Not Fall. There’s no unnecessary nonsense inters of controls or mechanics. Just simplicity, which puts the puzzles in the focus. And you know, the game looks good, too.

My only issue is that some of the art feels little bit DreamWorks, I guess? Specifically, the rabbit. That’s I mean, there’s nonce way of saying it. That’s an ugly freaking rabbit. Hey, no wonder your cousin got althea attention. Chocolate and good looks? That’s a double threat. And I’ll tell you what. The game gets an A for effort if only for including multiplayer modes. You get to play as different characters from the single-player mode, only with different variations on the Do Not Fall game play. So soccer, obviously. With blocks falling as you run-on them. And while there’s not much depth or structure to them, they’re actually allotted of fun. At the very least, it’s a great little addition.

You know, there was a Game Boy Advance game called Forger’s Adventures 2 that was basically this same idea only nowhere near as good. Does Not Fall get just about everything right? The difficulty is perfect, the controls are solid, the level designs are fantasticit’s, like, everything I love about puzzlers and plat formers combined. It’s alright, break the rules. And fall headfirst for Do Not Fall. But then don’t fall, after that. That would be a problem. Get it here psn.