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The Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide For Beginners

Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide. In this episode: the Urban Sniper Rifle, an adaptation of Remington's tried-and-tested Model 700 bolt-action rifle design. The USR's damage is very good - as you'd expect from a sniper rifle, one-shot kills are possible at any range.

You'll kill with a single shot to the head, neck, or torso: so as long as you aim high centre-mass you can expect consistent performance. This applies at any range, as well - there's no damage drop-off whatsoever: the only issue at an extreme range is spotting and accurately hitting your mark. As a bolt-action weapon, rate of fire is very low: 51 rounds per minute mandates first-shot precision to be effective, else you'll face retaliation whilst operating the bolt.
This lethargic rate of fire means aimed accuracy is paramount: and given that hip fire performance is abysmal, you'll want to steer well clear of unexpected close-range encounters. 7 Recoil is substantial, but simply not a factor in shot accuracy given your slow fire rate: by the time the bolt is operated, your crosshairs should be back on target. The USR does have built in recoil compensator, which decreases weapon kick as your kill streak grows: a convenience that will allow you to retain a better view of your next target when firing.

Aim time is slow, although faster than some in the sniper rifle class: you'll need 400 milliseconds to scope in fully. The USR is one of the better handling sniper rifles, and this is reflected with a higher movement speed: you'll move as quickly as an assault rifle, at 90 percent of the base speed. Magazine capacity is low, at just 6 rounds - although to a skilled sniper that might equate to 6 kills. For such a weapon, a short magazine isn't a huge issue - as shots are slow and firing positions far removed from the fray.

 In any case, reloads are only a minor inconvenience - taking 3.5 seconds to insert a fresh magazine. The USR suits a mobile build, a scout sniper class that can take advantage of the faster move speed and favorable handling characteristics. The Variable Zoom attachment will give you an extra degree of flexibility, with the potential to get a closer view at extreme ranges, or enjoy a broader field for engaging targets nearby.

Pair this with the Chrome Lined barrel for more reliable one-shot kills: while this will increase recoil, for a bolt-action weapon a one-shot kill is of absolute importance. With this attachment, the upper portion of the limbs will also yield a one shot kill: and while you should aim for centre mass, it's nice to have the extra tolerance.
For your perks, a mobility set will help to smooth out the sniper rifle's slower performance, and permit faster placement of your crosshairs precisely on target for a one-shot kill. Ready Up is a cheap spends that lessens the penalty for moving with the sniper rifles, improving your reaction times when emerging from a sprint.

Pair this with Agility for a buff to your movement speed, allowing you to reach a firing location more rapidly - and giving you more time to set up a deadly defense ahead of enemy movement. Quick draw is useful to improve the slow aim time of the sniper rifles, allowing you to pull up your scope fractionally quicker - and giving you a better chance of firing a critical shot. Pair this with Focus for more stable sights, and resistance under fire: and you'll have a sniper rifle that's rapid handling, accurate, and with deadly one-shot ability.

1 For a sniper class, it's also worth spending a point on a secondary weapon: a handgun provides a fast-switching means of repelling close-range attackers that's far better than relying on your rifle. Depending on your preference, you may also like to equip a defensive lethal option in the IED: this will provide a means to cover a doorway or route behind your view whilst you're otherwise focused on targets through your scope. The USR is a deadly one-shot weapon that will quench an opponent's streak in a single swift strike.

No other sniper rifle handles better, and you also have superior mobility: a valuable trait for a scout sniper build, or for that intent on aggressive use. With reliable one shot kills to the head and torso - and a high-powered scope with which to accurately place your shots - in the right hands the USR will thwart your enemy with instant death at any range. Of course, accuracy is needed to effectively employ the weapon: unaided fire is effectively useless.

 The slow aim time of the sniper rifles makes them unsuitable for reliable close-quarters combat: and paired with the very slow rate of fire, attempting to go toe-to-toe with an SMG up close is tantamount to suicide. Still, the sniper rifles are specialized weapons - and the trade-offs you make mean that no other weapon class can perform as well at a long distance. Given ample opportunity, this urban sniper rifle will go to town on your enemy.

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